Marine Survey

DelveCentre Australia offers the following marine survey services:

Pre-Purchase Survey

Detailed inspection and report on all aspects of hull structure, deck fittings, rig, machinery & equipment, engineering systems,and normally accessible parts of the vessel to assist clients in making a well-informed purchase decision.

On/Off Hire Surveys

These surveys record the condition of pertinent parts of the vessel at commencement or on completion of a charter. Relevant areas of the vessel where damage is likely to occur (deck, hold, rails, cargo gear, hatch covers etc.) are inspected according to factors concerning the charter. A bunker survey is also carried out during the survey. Vessel documentation is also checked and copies are obtained for reference. Photographic evidence is also taken to support the survey findings.

Condition Survey

This type of survey provides a comprehensive report concerning the condition of the vessel, and is often commissioned by a client prior to negotiating for vessel charter or change of ownership.

Damage Survey

The purpose of Damage Survey is to carry out thorough investigation of the circumstances leading to the damage. The extents of damages are recorded including with photographic evidence with investigation report on potential causes.