Pre-Shipment Inspection

We provide cost effective services related to supervision, weighing and sampling, which are tailored to meet individual customer requirements. Our professional cargo surveyors are capable of providing services at stores, warehouses, manufacturing sites, and ports of loading and discharge.

DelveCentre Australia offers the following marine services:

Pre-Shipment Inspection

We provide detailed inspection of goods prior to the shipment to ensure that the shipment is in strict conformity to LC, purchase order, contract, and packing list. Goods are checked for quantity, quality, packing condition, and labeling prior to the loading into containers. Sealing of container is also done as added security. On completion of inspection, findings are reported accurately and rapidly by issuing PSI certificates.

Loading and Discharge Cargo Survey

This survey is carried out to confirm that the proper loading and discharge procedures are followed in accordance with the standard practice and/or client’s instruction. This includes checking compliance with the proper stowage and lashing, securing of the cargo, reduction of loss or damage of goods during shipment, and other recommended practices.

Vehicle Out-Turn Survey

With mass transportation of automobiles across the oceans and continents, the need for automobile condition survey is of growing importance in the automobile transport industry. We do carry out vehicle condition and damage survey to aid to the settlement of disputes among the parties. We have purpose built dedicated application software, Vehicle Inspection System (VIS), capable of storing all exceptions/damage information to the cloud-based database. Paperless reporting systemand reports are available within a day of a vessel sailing and optimized in Portable Document Format (PDF) with pictorial evidence for each exceptions/damages.

Out-Turn Survey

This type of survey is generally done for steel products and is conducted upon a vessel’s arrival at a discharge port for the purpose of establishing any damage and/or shift of break-bulk cargo. It often involves Silver Nitrate test for chloride residues to establish the possibility of salt water contamination. The survey can be carried out for the entire discharge operation to ascertain if the alleged damages have occurred before, after or during the discharge operation. We also document the safe and appropriate storage and loading of the cargo.

Audit Services (ISM, ISPS, MLC2006)

We provide a wide range of high standard auditing services to all our esteemed clients. This service is very beneficial for owners, crew and ship managers alike as this enables a snapshot of the vessel’s conformance to safety and security management system as well as performance of the crew. The audits do cover a range of activity and are underpinned by various international conventions, codes, circulars and Flag State’s requirements.