Maritime Consultancy

DelveCentre Australia provides comprehensive professional consultancy services to the maritime industry with reports tailored to our client’s specific requirements. By drawing on the specific skills, expertise and knowledge of our team members provide a broad mix of capabilities.

Maritime Labour Convention 2006

New Zealand commercial ships of 500 gross tonnage or over engaged on international voyages must carry a Maritime Labour Certificate, a Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Part I & II. Other NZ commercial ships, irrespective of size, engaged on international voyages are required to comply with the convention, but are not required to hold an MLC Certificate. ANZ-flagged commercial ship of any size calling at a foreign port may be inspected by Port State Control Officers under the convention. In such cases, the ship operator may wish to voluntarily obtain certification as evidence of compliance; otherwise they may be subject to a more detailed inspection against the Convention standards (Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 Appendix A5-III). NZ commercial ships of 200 gross tonnage or more on domestic voyages which proceed beyond restricted limits are required to comply with the Convention, but are not required to hold an MLC Certificate. We do conduct inspection and prepares MLC compliance report through MNZ approved delegated person in our company.

MOSS Documentation Preparation

Maritime Operator Safety System (MOSS) is the new system which came into force in New Zealand from 1 July 2014 to improve the safety in maritime transport operations. As an operator, the owner or the operator needs to know operation which includes the risks, hazards and possible solutions and also responsible for managing those risks to prevent harm. The new MOSS rules require developing a safety system that is tailored to the operation and the entire operation needs to be examined to ensure safety risks are identified and managed. To reduce the hassle on your side, we prepare all your documents including the safety systems, operation procedures on behalf of your company.