Software Solutions

DelveCentre Australia  is also a ‘Solution Factory’. We design-develop-supply-implement and maintain technology solutions for our clients. Our services include wide variety of desktop/ web based applications and mobility solutions, which, enables our client to operate, manage and communicate efficiently & effectively. We also consult for infrastructure and appropriate interior for tech savvy space management in enterprises. We focus on technological innovation to combine hardware, software and network effectively to fit our client’s requirement. Requirement analysis and mapping with strengths of technologies is crucial for success of any project. We follow standard project management procedures and processes. User training and entering to support phase notifies project’s success closure.

Our products:

e-filing is an enterprise level file management and workflow system. It facilitates conventional file system to be operated digitally so that commenting & decision making can be make convenient and faster

Document Verifier provides quality certificates to construction materials. Our system generates and embed QR code to every page of test reports and later it can be verified through online system.

Customized ERP for a military organization that keeps account of all resources and their consumption or usage, so that they can be monitored. As a result, total cost of ownership (TCO) of individual item or the entire organization can be calculated for future planning & growth.

Pharmaceutical ERP  includes core of manufacturing starting from raw material purchase, research and manufacturing planning development, and process, finished good, store & distribution.

Hotel Management ERP includes all modules of hotel front office and back office operations.

Micro Credit Management System includes micro credit operation and management.

Software Solutions for Military Organisations that include:

– Customized ERP

– Network System

– Media Monitoring System

– Document Archive System

– Military Veteran Social Network System

Flood Monitoring System includes map based flood monitoring system where data input is made through mobile and online based system.

Access Control & Attendance Reporting System for various organisations like high schools, manufacturing etc.

GIS (Geographical Information System) for a government organisation.