Our Processes

Our Processes

We provide services of various ranges to our customers. In order to serve our customers better we have developed some business processes and our experiences show that customers are benefited out of these.

Service Ordering Process

Step 1: Customer will determine one (or more) service to take from us and send an email at contact@delvecentre.com.au for a free quote for the said service. Customer will be solely responsible to mention every details that are to be expected out of our service so that we can make our quote more realistic.

Step 2: We will then send you a free quote to that customer via email within 24 hrs.

Step 3: Customer will then give an official work order to us via email (to contact@delvecentre.com.au ). The work order must not include any additional task or task components that were not mentioned in our quote. Some services may require an upfront payment which could be a fixed portion or a % of the total invoice amount.

Step 4: We will then carry out the task/service/job as applicable as per the work order and associated documentation (if negotiated and agreed by both parties).

Step 5: We will then generate a report with (or without as applicable) picture image(s). Customer may accept our own report format or get customized reports for an extra charge that has been agreed upon by both parties.

Step 6: Customer will then go through the report and may (or may not) ask for changes. If no change is made in the report then it must be accepted within 48 business hours of sending the report by us. Customer can make a maximum of two change requests for free. And the change request process must be completed within another 48 business hours or will be considered accepted automatically after this time-period.

Step 7: Customer will make payment as per work order amount within 48 business hours of accepting the report.

Step 8 (optional): Customer may opt for a feedback about our service deliver process. Positive feedback are always encouraging and keep our motivation ongoing. Negative feedback are considered valuable in order to fine-tune our service excellence.